hello there,
I'm O─čuz, who is occasionally interested in:

nerdy stuff


I have been using C++ mainly for numerical simulations and scientific computing. In this context, I am also interested in High Performance Computing (HPC), mainly on distributed memory, and GPGPU applications.

I have worked as a C++ developer on open-source multi-physics coupling library preCICE , where I contributed to main library components such as data mapping, coupling, and interpolation.

Currently, I am working as a C++ developer in Siemens StarCCM+. Here, I develop finite element framework components for solid stress and electromagnetism applications.

As every other sane c++ programmer, I hate JS and I think that all the other programming languages are inferior.

computational fluid dynamics (cfd)

I have been working on CFD since my bachelors, both modeling and simulating stuff but also developing CFD software.

Describing complex fluid flow using partial differential equations and simulating them using numerical mathematics and computers was unnecessairly fun for me.

I have mainly worked in the field of swirling flows inside gas turbine combustion chambers, combustion modeling using Flamelet Generated Manifolds (FGM) model, Flame Spray Pyrolysis simulations.

I have used OpenFOAM in which I developed an in-house solver during my master's thesis, ANSYS Fluent and Simcenter StarCCM+. It has been a while since I worked on CFD related stuff, but it has a great place in my heart.

scientific computing

Overall, describing physical phenomena by mathematical concepts and solving them using numerical methods is such a powerful concept and I enjoy being involved in this field.

My main focus was on Finite Volume Method (FVM) during my studies due to my interest in CFD. Later, I am more involved in Finite Element Method (FEM), which I appreciate its mathematical depth and complexity more than FVM.

Iterative solvers are also inevatible part of this field where I less actively work on, but still enjoy theoretical and practical details.

not so nerdy stuff


I have been learning mixing tunes on my own for a while now. Mainly mixing house, deep house, minimal and melodic techno.

I share my mixes here: Mixcloud - Oozie


After circling around different styles, I have finally converged to a relatively simple weighttraining, which is simply lifting consistently 3 times per week and with minimal number of excercises. Not necessarily aiming for hypertrophy, just lifting some heavy weights to be healthy.

Currently running 5/3/1 with FSL accessories along with my weight loss period.


Heavy influence of one of my closest friends and the air of flemish-region made me start cycling with a gravel bike. Currently just riding without any fitness goals, trying to put some kilometers in.


I have been playing basketball semi-professionally for around 16 years. I injured my knee in a serious manner, therefore I am away from the court for an undetermined amount of time.

I used to play position 3-4 mostly.


While trying to discover what hobbies I have, I realized that I did not have something creative. So I decided to pick up photography. It is simple, functional, technical, and fun as well. It makes trips that I take alone less awkard too.

I enjoy street photography but most of my photos end up being landscapes. I also take pictures in basketball matches of my team time to time.