single way idea exchange platform


my mortal body feasted with a Justice live performance this weekend. my dopamine receptors are eternally altered

Whom would you rather get your nutrition advice from, a carnivore or raw-vegan diet advocate?

ben10 has a better plot than stranger things.

I wish I were 15 now and enjoy a Dan Brown or Adam Fawer book. My young adult pride does not allow it now.

I've realized that I really don't like to mix EDM tracks. First, I am not very good at mixing them. Second, I do not like to listen them in my daily life, therefore I don't particulary enjoy mixing it.

I was forcing myself to learn, just for the sake of learning it. Also due to the idea of being perfect at something. If someone ever questions it, I would feel bad. However, I do this shit because I like it. I don't earn money out of it, it is not a responsibility at all. Therefore, there is no reason for me get out from my comfort zone for something that I do only to have fun. If I force myself, I begin not to enjoy, so I quit. Weird cycle. It is hard to get rid of the idea that you should be able to be really good at your hobbies.

So yeah, fuck it.

if you are involved in c*ntemporary art in any other way than shitting on it, your opinion on any kind of topic does not have any value.

Ed Sheeran is NPC music.

I am not worthy of love until I can bench 100kg at least 3 reps. This is a necessary but not a sufficient condition.

Getting offended is a choice.

I do not see any justifiable reason to exhibit a male foot, especially the toe, naked in public. Only exception is the beach since the alternative (sea shoes) is worse.

Wearing shorts to the office feels unnecessarily illegal.

Any decent human being should not mix ketchup and mayonnaise. Especially by circular motion using a single fry. Especially in public.

One of the main reasons of developing this website was to have a blog spot so that I can dump my ideas. However, after developing nearly everything, I have realized that I do not want to write in blog post format. Blog post sounds like a huge effort, which did not help with my procastination.

Then I realized that I miss Twitter, dumping my ideas into a place, without giving too much thought on them. I closed my Twitter account because I kept checking Turkish news, which do not play well with my mental health. I do not trust my self-control of not checking the timeline, therefore Twitter is a no-go for the time being.

In the end what I wanted is:

  • Easy to post. I do not want to put too much effort into writing and preparing stuff.
  • It cannot be a social media.
  • No comment or like functionality. These are too low-effort way of presenting opinions. And to be honest, in very rare occasions I give a fuck about them. There are enough communication channels. If someone wants so say something, there is a way to do it.

So, here we are. Just a timeline to dump some random thoughts. Enjoy.